Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Blog

Hello everybody, I have made a new blog. It's a story about werewolves, so you can read it anytime you want!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Many vampire sightings

Our population has been increasing steadily for the longest time. Nobody really pays attention to how many of us there are. Like, at my school for example, there are tons of Lycanthropes and vampires, even though Lycanthropes are more in population because of the high deathrate for vampires (sucks to be me, literally.) They can be anybody, really, but only those of whom that have accute senses of the paranormal can detect the signs of another immortal being.
For vampires, we can usually sense another of our kind by scent, and appearence. Lycanthrope's go deeper than that on account of them being one with nature. Has anyone seen any of us recently? Sightings are very common, but only if you know what to look for. The ways of our world are so simple; there are only a select few rules that we are accustomed to follow and those include don't tell any mortal, and don't feed in a public venue. Slumming, of course, is popular amongts all imortal beings, but sometimes we get caught, and there are major consiquences. So I'm just warning everybody now, the world of the immortal's are changing, so heed the warning, and be warry.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Life in general

So, how has everyone's lives been going thus far? Mine has been a tirany of difficulty that I do not wish to explain at this very moment. High school has been the same as always (high school being a living hell.) I may be on often or I may not, it all depends on my parents moods. I was grounded for quite some time before this and I do not know when I'm going to be getting on all the time for sure. So just hang in there and don't give up on me, okay? I am in dire need of a good story. Everyone, tell me something that has happened to you recently.

I'm back... but for how long, I do not know

Hello everybody, your favorite vampire is back in business. I'm sorry that I was gone for so long, something came up and I had to take a leave of absence. But so much has happened to me since the last time I was on. First off, I saw Underworld *Jumps up and down in glee* and I absolutely loved it!!! And second of all, I'm getting the Twilight DVD when it comes out (tomorrow). And the other night I saw "Interview with the vampire" and I have to say, Brad Pitt is a hot vampire. *Swoons* So, did everyone miss me? I know I missed everyone, LOL. Now we will get back into our world, the world of the unknown. For Jordan, the vampire mistress, is back in action.