Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scary godmother

I know this is kinda dorky but I love the show (or movie, whatever) "Scary godmother" for halloween. It's funny but at the same time it teaches kids not to judge so harshly all the time. I'lle tell you one thing; it may convince some kids to not be afraid of haunted houses, but after my oh-so great experience at the rosequarter, this show has yet to drive me. LOL. Anyways, what is your favorite halloweeny movie? Besides this one, I absolutely love "Nightmare before Christmas." I think I already mentioned that before, though.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is where I was over the weekend, experiencing the most haunting thing in my life. Fright town, in Rosequarter, Portland. Sorry the pictures aren't that good, my dad ain't the sharpest of photographics, but this is some of what went down.


Sorry that I haven't made a lot of effort to post in a while guys, I have just been really busy with life and such. I am writing this at Twilight (ironic, isn't it?) Twilight just so happens to be my second favorite time of the day. It is the most beautiful, but then again, night is my definate first favorite. It's weird; some people have first and second favorites on the weather or the holiday's, but my current obsession is time of days. I can't stand the morning, what with all the bird's chirping outside my window ("Mom, I can explain why there is a rock-shaped hole in my window. You see, there were these birds...") I dispise the mid-day, because the sun is at it's highest peak, and you know how bad that is for vamps like myself. But Twilight and night? *shudders delicately* they will always have a special place in my heart.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good sunday everybody

Hello everyone. Sorry that I didn't post this weekend, I was at my father's house and it was total hell. LOL. Anyways, how was everyone's weekend? Mine was okay. I came home to find my room all cleaned out and spotless; my mom shoved all the garbage out of there and cleaned the whole thing! It is amazing! She even based the colors on Twilight. Because usually the covers are mainly black and red. She got me a black silk pillow, and crimson colored fleece blankets. Isn't that awesome? And she made a huge collage of all the Twilight pictures I had on my wall. My heart just swelled with pride. Does anybody still like my blogs? It just doesn't seem like anybody's on anymore. V,V.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carpathian novels

There is a new series of books that I have been trying to get into lately. If you are wondering,l they are not teen books, they are adult books. So if you are offended by sex, don't read it, okay? They are called Carpathian novels. And it's basically about a big family of creatures that have to find their lifemates before they turn into vampires. In these books, vampires are out of control and wild and are the enemies. You will be glad to know that there are alot of wolves in them too. I'm reading Dark Prince right now, and i't very good so far. So you should all read these books next time you get the chance.

Twilight's coming closer

Hello everybody. Vampire week is over, but don't fret, we have so much more to talk about. I'm sorry I wasn't on yesterday; I got grounded for being stupid at my choir concert, which went great by the way. How is everybody? I'm doing great, not that it matters any. LOL. Anyways, the official movie date for Twilight is getting closer. I am so physced you can't even imagine. There are so many people that are waiting to see it. It's crazy! I wonder what Stephenie Meyer must think of all this.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Everyone go here!!!

Hello everybody! My good friend Angel has not gotten alot of responses on her blog, so I'm telling you to go there and follow her blog, like right now!!! Your welcome Angel!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vampires and romance

Vampires always have a hard time finding a lifemate. Sometimes it takes over 100 years to find one. Usually when a vamp meets his or her mate, they know it deep down in their gut. Their blood boyles beneath their skin, and they have an instant attraction. And the weird thing is, if a vamp has their mate, they are immune to their mate's blood. Even though they may be intimate, the smell of blood does not disturb the vampire. Isn't that weird? If it is their true lifemate, that is.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Good and bad vamp's

Tis Friday, everyone. And I feel lively and free. I don't know about you, but I don't have anything infanitaly intresting planned for this weekend. Except for blogging, ofcourse. That is like the epitome of my life right now. Okay, today's subject is good and bad vampires. Most vampires start out bad, we all know this. Because they have an unsatable thirst during their first years, and eventually they learn resistance. For me, it took 3 years to learn the right amount of resistance to be in public! Sometimes it takes longer for others, though, depending on their family history. But sometimes, when the vampire becomes bad, they stay bad. There is classes that one could take if they are giving in to temptation, but when vampires don't decide to take them, that's when the killing's start.

I know how everybody always hears about deaths on the news. But to tell you the truth, 8 out of 10 of those deaths and homicides are caused by vampires. You would be able to tell with the subtle amount of information given. So next time there is something disasterous on the news (there often is) study up on it and tell me the facts. I would know if it is a vampire killing or not.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vampires and church

Okay everyone, I officially have a new blog all about Twilight. It's: Go there if you want the latest on Twilight.

Today is Wednsday, the day of all churchgoers. Does anybody think it would be wrong for a vampire or werewolf to participate in church? There has been arguments for years about this also. Since vampires are, well, vampires, (a.k.a demons to godly people) priests consider us basically banned from all church necetties. Do you think it's wrong for us to be banned from church? Even though our God is proclaimed as an all loving God, and he's the one who created vampires and werewolves in the first place? Once you start to think about it, it really doesn't make any sense at all why we're not allowed in.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What's with his expression?

There is one thing I really never got on the ballet scene for Twilight. Can anybody help me out here? Okay, why did Edward look like he was about to cry when he came in and looked at Bella? I mean, you see the picture. It looks like he is about to burst into tears. Why is that? I never got it. Help!

In the cafeteria

This is a really cool picture of all the Cullens in the lunch room. Emmett looks too big for the table. From far away, I guess they would kind of look strange. Wow, I just noticed something, Edward is the only one wearing black in this picture. The rest of them have on white. What in the world? Is our little Edward going emo???

What in the world?

This is a very romantic picture of Edward and Bella. Although I don't think I quite understand Bella's expression. It looks like Edward is about to kiss her neck, and she just saw something very disturbing over his shoulder. LOL. What do you think her expression means?

The first vampire

Hello everyone. I am back from school, also known, in Edward Cullen's case, as purgatory. Sorry I wasn't on yesterday, you all remember my mom's rule: "No computers on Mondays and Thursdays." So anyways, did I miss anything of utter importance? Nobody knows who the first vampire was. Some say there are rumers that Nosferatous was the first. But vampires have known to have been around much longer than him. No, Dracula wasn't the first either. If anyone has any information on the first vampire to ever have been created, please comment and tell me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yes, there are vampires

Thank you very much for all of your ideas Catch. I was just wondering what everyone has been up to these days. I haven't been getting that many comments from anybody, it makes me feel lonely. V,V LOL. The fact is known that there are indeed vampires. Scientists could never approve the theory between fact and fiction because there was no proof of non-existance. So, if anybody was questioning it, yes, there always have been vampires, but they are mostly in hiding.


Okay, about vampire week, I'me going to need some people's help. I'me going to run out of ideas soon of what I want to talk about. If anyone gives me a subject to study up on, I will gladly post about it. So, please, if you will, help me out this week. Oh, and has everyone read the Marked series? If you haven't, I very much recommend that book for vampire lovers. It's really awesome!

Edward Cullen at his best

This is the best picture they have of Edward Cullen. And the other one I think is Bella's best picture.

Twilight stuff

These are just a few pictures that I found around. One of them is Edward's room! It's even hot from this point of view. And then there's the one with James totally flying through the glass mirrors. Dang, Edward's strong, LOL.

Robert Pattinsons book

Introducing from the harper collins group... ROBERT PATTINSON!!! There is a fricking book at the harper collins publishing company all about Robert Pattinson. There are a ton of stills of him from the Twilight movie. OMG, I am so getting that for Christamas. How many of you want it now? Oh and look at the authors name.

Some of our favorite couples

This is a really good picture of Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper. I think it's pretty good. To tell you the truth, they do look like I imagined them in the book. They really got Alice and Rosalie and Emmett right. The only thing about Jasper is the whole hair thing. Well, I can't judge because I read Eclipse first. So I started in the 3rd book instead of the 1st like normal people. LOL. I didn't understand anything! But I didn't think Jasper had fluffy afro hair. It's really cute, especially the widow's peak. When I first read Twilight, I got Jasper mixed up with Emmett. I though Jasper was the one who looked like he was on steroids. Not the other way around. I though Emmett was Edward too. LOL. But ya, I did read Eclipse first. Which is really sad. Oh, and did you know they are making action figures of the characters? Yah, they just made the Edward one. It's a really good likeness.

Elonganating fangs

Good morning my vampire clan. It is once again sunny in Washington. (I hate the sun by the way. It's sort of understandable.) But anyways, today the subject to be is elonginating fangs. Most people think elonginating fangs is a process that hurts. Infact, it is completely painless. You see, when fangs are coming out, the venom that coats it acts as a lubricant. So when the fangs do come out, they slide out easily. It's almost like going down a slide, it's very smooth. So if you didn't know that, fangs coming out is painless.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vampire hunters

Vampire hunters are our next topic. So far in my time, I have yet to come across a true vampire hunter. Humans are saying vampires don't exist, and vampires are saying vampire hunters don't exist. Infact, there has been no known vampire hunter that has actually gone on a slaying since the 1940's. The man got away with a few slaughters, but eventually the vampire clan near San Diego caught up with him. There are less ways nowadays to actually kill a vampire. The legen about being burned by the cross is not true. Being burned by the sun is, for I am constantly having to wear sunglasses. The pain is sharp, sort of like a burning sensation that get's more pronounced during the day. The eyes can be anywhere from black, red, gold, and really defined and bright forest green. I have greenish-red eyes. The stakes that you see here are able to puncture a vampire, wound it, but not kill it.

Vampire romance

Vampire romance is my favorite kind of romance. It always has been. Vampires have always been sort of erotic in the things they do. Take biting the neck for instance. That is a very romantic thing, in the eyes of us vampire lovers. Other people would think it as repolsing, but we don't right? I mean I think it is terribly lovely. It is an act of love, mostly. Unless the vampire is very sadistic, like James. Now that's not very romantic.

Introducing Vampire Week!

As you all know, Vampire week was post-poned last week due to my unexpected grounding. Since I am no longer grounded, we are starting Vampire Week two days early. It will still last until next Sunday, so everybody talk about how much you support vampires in your next post. So look out for the first post soon.

Everybody in the field

This is a really cool picture. It's the scene in the woods where everybody rushes to protect Bella. God, Edward looks kinda fierce.

James and the broken leg

This morning, I was watching the extended version of the ballet scene on youtube. Okay, and I have got to say that Edward looked so sad when he saw Bella lying on the ground. It looked like he was literally about to cry. It made me cry! And James totally got the spotlight on the scene! He stepped on Bella's leg so hard, and then he's all "Tell him how much it hurts, tell him! Tell him to avenge you!" So yah, god James is evil.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The official Twilight poster

Sorry, I'me a little Edward and Bella obsessed tonight. Here are some of the pictures I found. This one is the official Twilight movie poster. I think Stephenie Meyer just announced it on her website like two days ago. Anyways, the way they made the picture almost looks like a drawing. I think it's pretty dang awesome!

Kissing scene

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! IT'S THE KISSING SCENES!!! I FOUND THEM!!! Sorry, kind of excited here. But aren't the pictures hot???

It's Friday!

Hello everyone. For all of you, probably, you have today off of school. My two sisters, Olivia and Riley, all went up to our grandma Green's house. I spent alot of time up there just sketching pictures of the forest. And I can say they are exquisite. Here is a picture of Edward, Bella, and Charlie the night of the prom. I love her dress!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Twilight still

This is one of the stills I found searching the internet. Oh look at the waiter, sure is pretty. Yeah right! But anyways, you all have to make sure to see the Twilight trailer before tomorrow, or I'me gonna be really upset.

Okay, my computer is a tweaker

I am sorry, but so long as my computer is tweaking out, I can't post pictures on the blog until it's problems are all sorted out. Anyways, I shall once again apologize for how long I was gone. I got grounded for smarting off to my mom... again. So yah, I still don't know if I'me grounded or not. I only got certain lineage for the new Twilight trailer. I'lle sweet talk for a while, see how that goes.


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! THE TWILIGHT TRAILER CAME OUT TODAY!!! EDWARD AND BELLA MADE OUT ON SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, IM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!! Okay, I'me sorry about this week. I got grounded for smarting off to my mom, so we are moving vampire week to next week. I don't know if I'me still grounded, but I'me gonna try to post tomorrow. For those of whom who haven't seen the trailer already, you can see it here:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Twilight watch ju are gettin dizzy

Oh wow, I just realized that if you stare at the Twilight Widget on the side too long, you get all dazed. Yipes, I am so not okay...

The Dream Trilogy

I am officially starting a new series. It is called "Daring to dream" by: Nora Roberts. It is an adult book, so everyone who is offended by sex, do not read. LOL. But it is very good so far. It has been on my shelf for over half a year now, silently begging me to read it. So, I am afraid I must.

Untamed spoilers

For those of whom don't know what Marked is, don't look at this post. For those of whom KNOW what Marked is, please listen. (Warning: Major Untamed spoilers coming up here.) I was so shocked at the way Untamed turned out. It is weird to think that Nefferet, infamous house of night high priestess, turned out to be the evilest b**** in the world! I mean, I knew she was a hag from hell (Bigger than Aphrodite) but come on, the evil Tsi Sgili? It shocked me to death. I thought from the beginning that something bad was going to come out of Nefferet, but nothing this fare fetched. P.C Cast and Kristin Cast have an amazing imagination. So, sorry for everyone who has yet to read Untamed. I told you not to read this post!


Okay, where in the world is everyone getting those moon things? I tried clicking on but it didn't load correctly. So, if anyone knows please help me out. Anyways, homecoming was the other night, so you already know. Nothing new there. It was very fun. Tommorrow is school (HATE SCHOOL). Truthfully, I would rather blog all day than to go to school. Wait, I do that already, LOL.

Good morning all

Hello everyone. It is a beautiful Sunday morning, well not really in the state of Washington, rainy as hell here, as you would all know from the Twilight series. Yes, if you didn't know, I live in Longview Washington, 30 minutes away from the actual town of Forks. And I have been to La Push before. It is very small but cozy. I just thought I would post and thank all the people that have been commenting my blog. You are all so awesome. Not that there is that many of you, but you all love fantasy as much as I do and you take it seriously. So anyways, did anyone see the official trailer last night on MTV? It was the first Twilight trailer ever to be on the T.V. I was so hyped when I saw it. I was watching scarred, and all of a sudden an announcer announced (Ironically) that the Twilight trailer was coming up next. I couldn't believe it!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vampire week

I am officially announcing that next week is the national "Vampire week." So everyone out there, post picture on your blogs and write about your fascination with these mythical creatures. And come visit me often too for new stuff.

Vamps and Dogs

Sorry about the strange animals to the side, I'me just kind of experimenting with what I can do with my blog. So, if anything weird happens within the next few hours, don't worry, it's just me making a fool of myself. LOL. So, have fun.

Twilight's equal...

I will tell you what Twilight's equal is in the series matter: Maximum Ride. Yup, you head me right; Twilight very well does have an equal. This series is the BEST EVER!!! If you haven't read it yet, than you really need to before the world does come to an end. I mean it, you. Have. To. Read. These. Books. Like. Right. Now! LOL. Anyways, the series consist of:
Maximum Ride: The angel experiment
Maximum Ride: Schools out-- forever
Maximum Ride: Saving the world and other extreme sports
Maximum Ride: The final warning
Personally, the final warning wasn't that great. Not at all really. It wasn't good enough for the end of the series. Being James Patterson, I think he knew better than to write such a short dinky book to end the adventures of Maximum Ride and the flock. So, if you don't want a beautiful series to be ruined, don't read the final warning.
Oh, and if anyone knows the answer to this question, why the heck can I not download any pictures onto my blog posts?

October 9th people

I just got official news that the final Twilight teaser trailer will be coming out October 9th in theaters to certain movies. But, ET is also posting it on the same night for fans all around the world. Isn't that awesome?
It's supposed to be the absolute best one yet!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pretty Little Liars

This series is very good. It may look very goody, goody from the cover. But let me tell you, it's probably the scariest series of books I've ever read. No lie. Its about this group of friends who has a terrible accident when one of the group, Ali, turns up missing. Now they are getting mysterious texts and e-mails from a girl called -A. But, the twist to the story is, Ali is found dead. So who is the person sending all these scary things to them, and who knows all their secrets?
I highly recommend this series for someone who get's chills from people you don't trust.

Twilight poster

Twilight movie poster

This is my pimped out version of the Twilight poster. I thinks it teotally coolio!

Carlisle Cullen

And here is my hopefully future doctor. I think every women in the world would want him as their doctor, wouldn't you agree?

James the nomad

I think they created Cam Gignat into James really well in this movie. Cam has the certain eeriness about him that most other actors don't have. I mean, look at him in this picture, he just looks so menacing.
Don't you all think he is perfect? I personally love this picture of him.

Hospital bound

When I found this picture, I nearly screamed. It is so good! I couldn't belive it! It is a picture of Rosalie, Carlisle, and Edward in the hospital on the scene when Edward saves Bella's life. It is so friggin cool!!!

Homecoming night!

Hello my vampire loving coven! Tonight is my first actual High School dance, and I am completely excited. Has anyone else ever been to homecoming? I am actually nervous also, but I will get through it.

Anyway, back to more important subjects, how is everyone doing? Just so you know, every Monday and Thursday, I am off the computer. My mom says I need a break from the computer atleast twice a week, so those were her chosen days. So, sorry if I haven't posted in a day.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The recent Twilight trailer from ET

YouTube - Brand new twilight trailer- ET
Hey, you guys had gotta see this video! It rocks!!! I heard that there is going to be one last teaser trailer sometime in October. I'lle post it as soon as I get word that it's coming out.

Moons and Stars

I am personally obsessed with the stars and moons. I don't know what it is about them that I find so appealing. I guess it might be the sense of mystery and darkness to it. But everytime I see a moon, my spirit just fills up with renewed energy and power. It's amazing.

Twilight lover

There are also some other books that I really enjoy about vampires. Vampire kisses, Carapathian novels, bloodlust, Twilight (ofcourse). But the main one that I will always love is absolutely Twilight. That is my upmost favorite, and nothing can ever sway that decision. I want to know how many people that view this blog also like Twilight.


One of the series of books I am currently obsessed with right now would be the Marked series by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast. I just recieved the 4th book last week, and I am actually reading it. There has been three books already made before this one, if you didn't already know. I highly recommend this series for vampire/romance/comedy/action lovers.


Hello everyone! My name is Jordan. I keep having little screw-ups with my past blogs, but this one for sure is going to be permanent. Just FYI. This is a website that welcomes anybody who loves things like vampires, werewolves, forests, moons and basically anything mystical. It's gonna be a complete awesome place to be. And also, I am quite obsessed with Twilight and Maximum Ride, so that's a pluse to all you fans out there.