Thursday, November 13, 2008

The full moon and slumming

Tonight is the full moon, and I feel very... spiritual. Has anyone heard of the series called "Vampire beach"? It's also one of my favorites. Tonight, I shall go slumming, so no-body let their loved ones out. LOL. I wouldn't hurt anyone dileberately, I usually only feed on the very willing and vulnerable; biggaloes, whores, sluts. All the easy prey. I know that must sound revolting to all the werewolves, but come on vampires, we have to stay alive somehow, right? See you guys tonight!


Aurora said...

Psh, I am both! I am Vampire and Werewolf ^^. So I can eat regular foods without feeling sick to my stomach. but I do cheat sometimes, But I mainly feed on Cows and Mountain Lions and blah blah blah. I think I am more vampire than I am werewolf but I am nothing like the movies. Like I turn into a WOLF not a man/wolf mutated mess.. eww.. I would go hunting tonight but I have to keep watch for the pups.

Aurora =)

May you find something.. appealing..good hunting!

Robert Varulfur said...

Hey I'm a werewolf and I see no issue with that. "Fish got to swim, birds got to eat" Or something to that extent. Got to do what you got to do to keep on doing it.