Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving week

Hello everyone. How was your tuesday? Mine was okay except for the part when the humans fought on the bus. I hate it when mortals think they can one up the other and think they are so strong. No humans know what strong really is until they go up against a vampire or werewolf. I have only ever fought with someone twice, and both times I think they learned their lessons. First, there was this girl who was telling me she could kick my ass any day and I told her to meet me behind Winco without anyone. You have to know that I told her to come alone for a reason so she wouldn't be embarrassed infront of her friends. Anyways, she came alone and first, I threw a stone straight through a stop-sign. She walked away. And the second time, a girl got in my face in the locker room and so I bent forward and clamped my teeth around her nose. I was so pissed. You can't even imagine what it feels like when a human get's in your face. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!
Anyways, I am very happy that we don't have many days this week. Tomorrow, we get an early release. I can't wait to get home and immerse myself in the world of books. What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? I am going to go and visit Grandma and Grandpa Green up in Castle Rock. Well, catch you later.


Aurora said...

Well the pack and I were thinking of going to Ohio for thanksgiving. No real reason but we heard about their roller coasters and Gabriel is all hyped up to go there =]. I hope you have fun with ur grandpa and grandma!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!,

Robert Varulfur said...

I ate meat with my bearly living grandparents