Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kissing scene... SPOILER ALERT!!!

Okay, I have to say that the kissing scene was probably the best out of any other teenage movies I have ever seen. There was about a 40 second anticipation when Edward told Bella to "stay still", and "don't move". When they first started kissing, it was just a little peck and then it got hotter with Bella leaning forward over him. Edward even pushed Bella down onto the bed and got on-top of her for a second before jumping back against the wall! I thought it was amazingly hot. It was funny because in the meadow scene earlier in the movie, when they lay down next to eachother, my dad whispered in my ear "are they going to have sex?" I nearly burst into laughter. I told him "no, Edward is very virtuous." My dad is all "good," and then I added "Until the fourth book, of course". Everyone that loves Twilight needs to see this movie, it is an absolute must!!!


The Stray Wolves said...

I saw the movie. I loved it!!!!! You know how movies usually ruin the book? THis one didnt.


Mella said...


That good huh? Well I still don't wanna see it. =|

=DD Hee Hee. I probably will though.

I was put off by the low star marks it was given by lots of people.